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The head office of RPE Technologies is located in the Incorporation and Innovation Center in Bad Kissingen. The business concept is based on research and development of innovative machine components for processing synthetic yarns for all kinds of textile processes. RPE Technologies is especially concentrating on the development, engineering, design and marketing of air interlacing jets for tangling, commingling, pre-interlacing and special applications based on customer requirements. The main textile processes are Spinning (POY, FDY, IDY, BCF, etc.), Draw-Texturing, Draw-Winding and Air-Covering of synthetic yarns like Polyester (PES), Polyamide (PA) and Polypropylene (PP) as well as glass fibres. Our customers are both O.E.M.`s (Original Equipment Manufacturing) who use our components in their machines as well as end users who convert their machines with our components.



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