RPE technologies news 2023 - INCA jet preview

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INCA = Interlacing Non Continuous Air

The INCA jet unit is a new and patented interlacing system for BCF yarns. It generates the tangle knots by a non-continuous air impulse. The jet inserts are fixed radial on a rotor unit in a tandem arrangement. The compressed air stream is put across the holes of the rotor unit to the jet inserts and generates alternately a pulsating air flow. This leads to an excellent interlacing performance.

Advantages compared to conventional systems:

  • compared to conventional tandem systems air savings of more than 50% possible
  • Regularity of the composed tangle knots
  • Uniformity on strong as well as on weak interlaced knots
  • compact design, integrated motor drive
  • Long life time
  • easy and quick exchange of nozzle inserts
Inca Jet
Inca Jet

RPE provides customers with interlacing jets throughout the entire area of the synthetic fibre industry and has established itself as a reliable partner for both O.E.M.`s (Original Equipment Manufacturer), who use the components in their machines, as well as end users that convert with the machines. Our products are suitable for all kind of chemical fibres and yarns, meeting all requirements of interlacing quality and leading to excellent interlacing performance.