Jet reed system

The jet reed system is made for warping and draw warping machines that process POY polyester and POY polyamide, as well as FDY filament yarns.

The main advantage of the design is the arrangement of the threads on one level, which ensures a consistent interlacing due to the uniform setting of tensions all over the threads.

The SPF interlacing technology ensures the highest requirement in uniformity of each thread for achieving the uppermost efficiency in the downstream process.

Besides excellent interlacing performance, we have attached great importance to safe and easy handling of the threading and cleaning procedures.

A yarn end separation of 1.1 mm can be realized due to the sophisticated arrangement of the jet inserts. Furthermore, the design enables jets of various sizes and interlacing character to be exchanged according to customer requirements.

The new design includes a fully automatic system for closing the individual jet positions, which guarantees quick, safe and very comfortable handling for any operator and ensures lowest possible air consumption and energy cost.

RPE provides customers with interlacing jets throughout the entire area of the synthetic fibre industry and has established itself as a reliable partner for both O.E.M.`s (Original Equipment Manufacturer), who use the components in their machines, as well as end users that convert with the machines. Our products are suitable for all kind of chemical fibres and yarns, meeting all requirements of interlacing quality and leading to excellent interlacing performance.